David Allen – Editor in Chief

One of the sport’s most experienced and respected writers for more than twenty years, David Allen has provided his unique perspective of the sport at seven Commonwealth Games, forty World Championships and countless blue ribbon and international events during his career.

An award-winning sports journalist, he brings a lifetime of expertise and knowledge to the editor-in-chief position at Inside Bowls. David spent two years as bowls editor of the Murdoch-owned Sports Weekly, then eight years as publishing editor of Jack High. In 2000 he was headhunted to create Draw Shot, before launching Bowls In Focus, widely regarded as the sport’s foremost publication in 2004.

Since it’s launch in February 2012, David has spearheaded the Inside Bowls team of writers and photographers to provide the finest independent coverage of the sport ever seen, from the grassroots of the game to its dizziest heights.

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