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The team at Inside Bowls welcomes your input and contributions. Below are the two categories in which you can provide information and news to share with fellow bowlers around your region and the world. Please note that as Inside Bowls can be read so widely, we ask that you include the region, state or country, etc, with all clubs named. Here’s an open-armed invitation to be personally involved in the world’s only dedicated on-line bowls magazine.


We’re more than keen to place interesting people, places and clubs in the ‘spotlight’ and invite ready-to-read stories relating to bowls personalities and heroes both on and off the green. Send your story and attach a digital photo (optional), also please add photo description for caption purposes.

‘Letters to the Editor’

You are invited to submit letters to place your views relating to any bowls matter on record. We retain the right to edit content while not altering the essence of the story. Although contributors must include their name, club and location, we will print submissions anonymously if requested.

All submissions welcome. Now it’s up to you!


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